Zenonia 2: The Lost Memories


Four heroes were tasked with guarding the seal of the evil dragon Ladon after the events of the first game, as Regret is nowhere to be found. However, humans slowly become corrupted, so the gods of Zenonia have no choice but to wipe the memories of everyone in the land to restore peace using the “Tree of Life”. Now, the residents of Deva Castle search for a way to restore their lost memories, as well as keep Ladon imprisoned, by finding the four gems. The four characters are inevitably imprisoned in the dungeon of Deva Castle. After escaping, the characters are given an ultimatum: work for Zavkiel to retrieve the four gems and, as a result, have their wishes granted, or be re-imprisoned. After choosing the former, the adventure begins.

Character: Lu
Class: Paladin
Strength: High Defense
Weakness: Weak Attack, Slow Movement
Story: Lu became alone after his grandpa was taken away by the royal guards. Consequently, his hunger made him steal bread, which led to his imprisonment. Zavkiel, the Chief of Guardians, recognized his abilities and offers him the opportunity to recover the lost gems. Lu was pure in heart and accepted the task in order to free his grandpa and restore the lost memories by using his swordsmanship skills.

Character: Ecne
Class: Gunslinger
Strength: Longest Range, Quick Movement, High Evasion
Weakness: Low Defense, Low HP
Story: Ecne chose the life of a treasure hunter after the loss of Jade, her last blood relation. Then one day, she is informed about the location of his relics. She gets caught in the act of retrieving the relics and gets imprisoned for break and enter. The Chief of Guardians offers to grant her a wish, in return for the four gems. She accepts his offer and asks him her only wish which is to bring her brother back to life.

tumblr_inline_mkk4it4lci1qz4rgpCharacter: Daza
Class: Warrior
Strength: High HP, Fast HP Recovery, Strong Attack
Weakness: Low SP, Low Skill Defense
Story: Daza is the only survivor of the Minotaur Tribe who was exterminated by humans. His only human friend, Eddie, betrays him and Daza gets imprisoned for assault. Lu’s kindness allows him to escape the dungeon prison. Their attempted escape fails and he accepts the offer to find the gems. His only wish is to become human and a member of the society.


Character: Morpice
Class: Magician

Strength: Long Range Magic, Mutate and Summon Skill, Slow Movement Skill
Weakness: Low Defense, Slow Movement
Story: After the “Holy Night”, Morpice’s family is murdered by the monsters. Zeloud, a great magician, takes Morpice in as his disciple. His quest to gain strength begins here. After mastering the foundation of magic, he is sent to Deva by Zelous’ request. However, after the cross dimensional travel to Deva, he collapses and is taken away by the guards. He begins the search for the gems to obey his master’s orders and to gain more strength.

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